Recording the vocals - exclusive book extract

Published November 17, 2016

The revised and expanded edition of ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions will chronicle, in diary format, how ABBA's songs were written and recorded. So much new information have been added to the original 1994 edition of the book, that the number of pages have expanded from 128 to 448. If I've done my job properly, when this book is published in March 2017, it will truly be the go-to place for anyone who wants to learn about ABBA's creativity.

Pre-orders of signed copies of the book are still accepted. If you want your name listed in the book as a supporter of the project, please pre-order no later than 1 December 2016 (if you've already pre-ordered, your name will be listed automatically; you don't have to do anything else).

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In addition to the chronicle of ABBA's recording sessions, the book will also feature five extensive essays, detailing ABBA's methods in creating their music. They are as follows:

Writing the tunes

Writing the lyrics

Recording the backing tracks

Recording the vocals

Overdubbing and mixing

These essays have been extremely challenging to write, but I have to say I'm pretty pleased with how they've turned out, and so I'd like to share an excerpt of the "Recording the vocals" essay with you. This is roughly how the text will look in the book, which is just now being designed by the lovely Maria Nicholas in New York City.  I hope you will enjoy it!

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ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions, published 31 March 2017.