Rarities on new Hep Stars compilation

Published July 08, 2015

In March 2015, RPM Records in the UK released a Hep Stars compilation CD entitled Like We Used To: The Anthology 1965-1967, featuring liner notes by Kieron Tyler plus an interview with lead singer Svenne Hedlund. The Hep Stars were, of course, the group where Benny Andersson of ABBA first found fame.

Like We Used To is a compilation with a difference, since it contains rare or previously unreleased versions of some of the tracks, making it a must-have purchase for the collector. The most important differences are as follows:

Wedding - this is the original single version of the song, where lead singer Svenne Hedlund sings "to FELL down on my knees" instead of "to fall down on my knees"; also half the ending has been edited out of the track (compared to the LP version). This has previously only been available on CD on the Swedish compilation album Tio i topp - Volym 4: 1965-67, which is long out of print.

No Time - The Hep Stars' version of this composition by Björn Ulvaeus appears here in a slightly different form than on the band's eponymous album, with wider stereo separation, and, with no fadeout at the end, lasting about 10 seconds longer.

She Will Love You - the lead vocal is louder in the mix than on the familiar single version; this might possibly be the original lead vocal as recorded in London (it was re-recorded in Stockholm).

Consolation & Christmas On My Mind - this compilation features the original mono single mixes. However, contrary to what is claimed on the sleeve, the original single version of Cadillac is not featured here, but the re-recorded album version.

Many thanks to Bjørn Henning Halvorsen for alerting me to these variations.



Like We Used To: The Anthology 1965-1967 by The Hep Stars.