Quiz time!

Published May 25, 2015

As I've mentioned elsewhere, I'm expanding the scope of the revised and expanded edition of ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions in various ways. One of the new features is selected review extracts of ABBA's singles and albums, so as well as going through my archives I'm also conducting brand new research to find out how the group's music was received at the time.

Some reviews, however, are so bizarre that it may even be hard to determine whether the reviewer liked the record or not. And if you only read the review, without seeing the name of the artist or album/song first, you wouldn't even know who they were writing about. Take the following review, for instance, written by guest reviewer Ian Dury and published in the New Musical Express. Which single is it about? Is it

a) Knowing Me, Knowing You

b) Take A Chance On Me

c) Chiquitita

"Everyone is aching to see this year’s winter outfits, and just because Frankie Lymon is dead doesn’t mean that Benny and Bjorn should really be producing Frankie Vaughan. Or Frankie Howerd. The bookmakers of light music are probably really good sports in real life. If this record was a racehorse it would fail its interview at the stud farm."

Give up?

Correct answer: Take A Chance On Me. But of course.

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Ian Dury - didn't like ABBA very much ... probably.