Primitive conditions

Published June 11, 2015

If you've watched the video on the Indiegogo crowdfunding page for ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions, you've seen vintage footage of me typing away on an ancient computer, writing the manuscript for the original edition of the book. I thought I had thrown away all the floppy disks I used at the time, but while I was going through an old box the other day, I found I still had a few of them. You can see one of them here. Please note that it says "scriptfile 1" - there was no way you could fit the entire manuscript on one of those disks. Those were the days...!

I recall that after I'd sent the floppy disks containing the manuscript to my publishers, Century 22, I got a fax where they said something like, "We had a little trouble extracting the text from your disks, but eventually we managed it". The subtext, of course, was, "Why the hell are you working on such ancient equipment!" I don't blame them.

Well, finding those disks the other day made me smile. Sometimes I still can't believe that the book actually got written.

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A floppy disk containing the first part of the original manuscript for ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions.