Pre-order contributors will get listed in ABBA On Record

Published October 15, 2021

Everyone who pre-orders the hardcover edition of my forthcoming book ABBA On Record - Packaged Promoted Reviewed will get it signed "To [your name]" and then my signature. But if you pre-order before 31 October 2021, you will also be listed as a pre-order contributor in the book.

Since the book was first announced, I've published a number of blog posts about its contents. Last week, for instance, there was an account of a typical chapter in the book. As for the "extra material" in ABBA On Record, one of the highlights is an essay over circa 75 pages, detailing the contents of the sensational Michael B. Tretow Tapes (Tretow pictured here). The full list of blog posts about the book is here.

Removing my author cap for a moment, and viewing the project from the outside, as an ABBA fan, I wouldn't want to miss out on ABBA On Record. The book is currently scheduled for publication in the first half of 2022 (May/June rather than January/February).

Pre-order now to secure your name in the list of pre-order contributors. Your support matters!



Michael B. Tretow's sensational behind-the-scenes tapes are one of the highlights in ABBA On Record.