Metronomical ABBA

Published May 26, 2016

Yesterday, in the course of researching the revised and expanded edition of ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions, I spent the day at Atlantis Studio here in Stockholm. Formerly known as Metronome Studio, this is where ABBA did most of their recording for the first half of their career, so it's a really important place in the group's history - and about the only remaining ABBA-related facility in central Stockholm that is still today what it used to be back then.

The studio has saved most of its booking calendars and I spent all day going through those to see what information could be gleaned from them. I already knew that it mainly would say that the group's record company, Polar Music, had booked the studio for such and such a day, so my expectations were on a moderate level. However, there were quite a few interesting bits in there, and very useful information that will help greatly in re-telling the story of ABBA's recording sessions.

For instance, did you know that ABBA actually did work at Metronome as late as 1979, a full year after their own Polar Music Studio had opened for business and supposedly made all other studios completely redundant? I certainly didn't. So, what did ABBA do there in 1979? Well, that's for me to know and for you to find out...when the book is published.

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Atlantis Studio (formerly Metronome Studio). Pic by Ian Cole.