Let The Music Speak - a book celebrating its 10th anniversary

Published June 12, 2018

As most readers of my posts will be aware, my book ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions (abbathecompleterecordingsessions.com) tells you the story of how the group's classic recordings were made: from being written to recorded and mixed. However, there is an aspect that my book doesn't touch upon so much, which is an analysis of ABBA's music from a musicological perspective.

Fear not, though, because a book that takes on that challenge already exists. Christopher Patrick's ABBA: Let The Music Speak was first published in 2008, so celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. I read through a number of drafts of the book and also wrote the foreword to it, and I can heartily recommend it to anyone interested in delving deeper into ABBA's music.

By the way, I'm not the only one who likes it - Frida herself has given it a ringing endorsement: “I am so happy to at last read a book that mainly concentrates on our music, and not on gossip about the band members. You have written a literally wonderful exposé and should be very proud of your work. Thank you so much for letting me have a copy. I will always cherish it!”

Copies are still available, sold by Chris himself on Ebay (see ordering link to the right). Get yours while you can!


ABBA - Let The Music Speak by Chris Patrick.