Great Frida interview - and thank you for the book praise!

Published October 06, 2017

Are you a member of The Official International ABBA Fan Club? If not, you should be. The latest issue of its quarterly magazine features a great interview with Frida, where she answers many questions I haven't seen being put to her before. Considering how rarely Frida gives interviews these days, this is unmissable. Stany van Wymeersch, who conducted the interview, did a great job. Of course, there are many other interesting features in the mag as well - as always - including a fab interview with Benny by Robert Beuving.

Also, don't forget that membership in the fan club isn't particularly expensive, and that you get exclusive offers and opportunities to participate in ABBA-related events. Every ABBA fan should be a member.

On another note, the latest issue of the magazine also features two pages of fan comments about my book ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions. Can I just say thank you to everyone for their very, very kind words about the book? It's now a little over six months since it was published and I'm so happy with how this project turned out. We all - I, as the writer, and the fans who supported the making of the book - got what we wanted: a book that tells the story of ABBA's musical creativity in-depth. What an extraordinary result!

Order your copy of the book here:

The latest issue of the Official Internatinal ABBA Fan Club magazine features a great interview with Frida.