Frida on the west coast...of Sweden

Published April 29, 2016

The first couple of weeks of September 1977 were both hectic and emotionally challenging for Frida. Having just learned that the father she'd long believed was dead was in fact alive and well and living in West Germany, he came to visit her for the first time on Friday, September 9, and didn't leave until Monday, September 12. On the very same day that he left, Frida travelled down to the town of Kungälv on Sweden's west coast to join Björn, Benny and Michael B. Tretow as they were doing work on the soundtrack for ABBA - The Movie and mixing 'The Name Of The Game' at the state-of-the-art Bohus Studio. As if that wasn't enough, while on the west coast she gave her only interview about her first meeting with her father to a Gothenburg newspaper - despite even saying in the interview that she felt highly uncomfortable doing it - before going back to Stockholm. With Agnetha's difficult pregnancy on top of that, I'm amazed that ABBA managed to get any work done at all during this period.

A local Kungälv newspaper also made a story on the ABBA members' visit, which I located a few weeks ago, illustrated by the attached photo, snapped by their own photographer. I've long since learned that I know zilch as to which ABBA photos are regarded as rare and unusual, but I'm guessing this picture has not been widely seen. Or...? Anyway, nothing remarkable, but the only picture I can recall seeing of Frida while she was in Kungälv.

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Frida snapped in the town of Kungälv, September 1977, only days after meeting her father for the first time.