Fab Dutch ABBA TV series - you can watch it!

Published June 11, 2021

As announced earlier this year I was interviewed for a Dutch TV series and documentary, Take A Chance On Me, all about ABBA. The set-up is that musical duo Nick & Simon and their friend Kees travel to Sweden to meet up with people who had some connection to ABBA, plus also do a few musical performances. The story of ABBA is intervowen into this format.

First, six episodes were broadcast, showing the making of the documentary, followed by the finished documentary. The series concluded recently and I am in the final "making-of" episode and then in the actual documentary.

As of this writing, both that episode and the documentary are available to watch online. Since I could watch them in Sweden, I guess the programmes are available in many other countries as well - hopefully including yours. You will have to sit through a couple of Dutch commercials, but it's worth the effort, as both the series and the documentary are quite ambitious.

Contrary to many other European countries, The Netherlands don't use dubbing on television, so when people speak English in the interviews, that's what you will hear as well.

Watch the making-of episode, where I'm interviewed about ABBA's album sleeves, here.

Watch the finished documentary here.


Being interviewed by Kees about ABBA's album sleeves in the famous Julius Kronberg's Studio, where the sleeve for The Visitors was photographed.