Don't miss the audio edition of Bright Lights Dark Shadows

Published September 01, 2011

August 17 finally saw the publication of the audio book version of my biography Bright Lights Dark Shadows - The Real Story Of ABBA. As yet the book is only available in Australia and New Zealand, but will eventually be distributed elsewhere.

Clocking in at a whopping 26 hours and 10 minutes, this version of the book is perfect for those long car rides or as a welcome distraction when you're stuck in rush-hour traffic. Wouldn't you rather be thinking about the details of Agnetha's childhood, the music Björn and Benny wrote for a soft-porn movie, or Frida's meeting with her long-lost father, than how late you're going to be for work? Of course you would!

As an audio book virgin, I'm quite looking forward to listening this version myself. It will be interesting to hear a specific voice interpret the words I have written.

Click here for more information on the audio book.

Bright Lights Dark Shadows - The Real Story Of ABBA (audio book edition).