Crowdfunding for ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions starts today!

Published January 28, 2015

After a long build-up and much preparation, today I finally launched the crowdfunding campaign for the updated, revised and expanded edition of ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions on The campaign will end on 28 February 2015. Click this link to go straight to the Kickstarter page for the book:

The process of pledging on is easy and straightforward - I've managed to back a project myself, so it can't be that complicated! Kickstarter will guide you through the entire process.

A reminder before you start pledging. The purpose of this Kickstarter campaign is twofold: to ensure that you, the reader, will get a copy of the finished book, but also to provide funds enabling the book to be researched, written and printed in the first place. If you have the resources to choose one of the higher reward levels, you will have made an especially significant contribution to this book becoming a reality, to the benefit of everyone interested in the secret stories behind ABBA's musical creativity.

If you want to contribute beyond the reward levels, that's also possible. The upper limit on Kickstarter is SEK 50,000 (approx. GBP 4,000; EUR 5,400; USD 6,100; AUD 7,600). All contributions, small or large, are much appreciated - your support matters!

Please share this post and/or the link to the Kickstarter page in as many places as you can: your own Facebook wall, ABBA discussion groups, and groups and pages devoted to related subjects, such as "'70s music", "classic pop", "Eurovision", "Swedish music", "Scandinavian pop" - and whatever else you might think of. If you're on Twitter, you may want to mention it in a tweet as well (I'm @carlmpalm). The more people are aware of the crowdfunding campaign, the greater the chance that it will succeed - and the book will only be written and published if the campaign does succeed.

Oh, and be sure to watch the cool promo video for the project on the Kickstarter page, starring yours truly. The location for it is highly appropriate for the project...

The link to the crowdfunding campaign for ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions again:

Happy pledging!


ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions - crowdfunding starts today!