Backing more than one reward level? No problem!

Published January 29, 2015

Some prospective backers for the crowdfunding campaign for the updated edition of ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions have contacted me to let me know that they would actually like to pledge twice - at the very least! For instance, they might want one copy of the book for themselves and one or more to give away as gifts. I like the sound of that very much, since it will help the campaign reach its goal.

However, Kickstarter will not allow you to pledge more than once for the same campaign, so that creates a problem. But I believe there are at least two different solutions.

Solution A: USING DIFFERENT E-MAIL ADDRESSES. If you use different e-mail addresses when you pledge, I hear on the grapevine that this will work. Kickstarter will interpret each e-mail address as a separate individual.


I will create new "reward packages" that combine the reward levels you're interested in. Just follow the instructions below and I will make it happen.

1.  Write me an e-mail on (PLEASE ONLY USE THAT ADDRESS, it's the only way for me to keep track of things). In the e-mail, let me know the following:

• which reward levels you are interested in (for example 02 and 04 - combine the four different reward levels whichever way you want)

• which shipping area(s) the books should be sent to (UNITED KINGDOM, EUROPE or REST OF WORLD)

• the name and address to which the rewards (books) should be sent (only necessary if one of the addresses differs from your own address), indicating which recipient should have which reward

This could be an example of your message:


Levels 02 + 04 - EUROPE

Kristina Abbasson (LEVEL 02)
Baldersgatan 1
114 27 Stockholm

Johan Abbafan (LEVEL 04)
Hamngatan 11
111 47 Stockholm


2.  I will then create a "special reward package" for you and add it to the Kickstarter page. After that I will let you know that your "reward package" has been created, and then you can make your pledge.

3. In the meantime I will file away your message in a special folder, so that I will have all the relevant info at hand when the time comes to mail out the rewards.

Easy as pie!

Join the crowdfunding campaign here:


Multiple copies of the updated version of ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions. They can be ordered!