Alternative ABBA

Published June 05, 2012

ABBA’s international impact being what it is, one shouldn’t be surprised when references to them and their music crop up here and there. But perhaps most of us wouldn’t quite expect to find an ABBA episode in a novel with “alternative” music as its main theme. But this is exactly what’s on offer in British author Tim Thornton’s book The Alternative Hero. Tim tells me the following extract, published here with his permission, is based on a real-life incident:

“A few years ago I walked past Björn Ulvaeus on Oxford Street. His appearance had become less blonde Swedish male pop star and more bearded, kindly uncle, but before I knew what I was doing I was running back up the other side of the road so that I could walk past him again. It’s a funny old thing. As I approached him for the second time I ran through various lines I could maybe say to him (‘Sorry to bother you, I’d just like to tell you that ABBA made my childhood slightly more bearable’; ‘Sorry, I thought you ought to know that ABBA: The Album kicks the shit out of Pet Sounds and Sergeant Pepper as a classic, flawless pop masterpiece’; ‘Sorry, but can I just say that “My Love My Life” is the song I want played at my funeral’ etc.) but wisely decided to merely saunter past, enjoying a few seconds of being metres away from a genius. Besides, what if he’d been having a bad day and had told me to piss off? I’d have probably hurled myself in front of a passing 73 bus.”

Tim also tells me that ABBA – The Album is his favourite ABBA album because of its “bizarre blend of claustrophobia and awesome poppiness which still sends shivers down my spine”. No surprise, then, that the main character in his novel declares at one point that ‘Hole In Your Soul’ is his favourite ABBA song of all time.

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The Alternative Hero by Tim Thornton.