Agnetha and Frida - super vocalists

Published October 06, 2016

The revised and expanded edition of ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions will feature a series of essays taking the reader through the making of an ABBA song, step by step. The first essay is entitled "Writing the tunes", the following "Writing the lyrics", and so on.

I've just completed the essay entitled "Recording the vocals", which currently stands at 6,200 words. I especially enjoyed writing this essay since it allowed me to take a closer look at Agnetha and Frida's invaluable contribution to ABBA's recordings. Because Björn and Benny were the creative core of ABBA, the female half of the group are heard from a little less in this book, yet without them we wouldn't have had ABBA. When asked in a 1977 interview why ABBA were so popular, Björn answered as follows: “I think we have to give the girls a lot of credit. The way that they sing the songs and also the way that they sell them over screens, over television, is very important. And they’re probably the best around right now, I think.” Who would argue with that assessment?

In writing this essay I went back to my original interviews with Frida and Agnetha and found some interesting comments that didn't make it into the original edition of ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions. It feels great to be able to bring them into this essay, as I do want their opinions and reflections to be heard as much as possible. Naturally, I've gone to other sources as well to find comments from the two ladies on how they worked in the studio so as to give a complete, well-rounded view of their extraordinary contribution. 

One of my proof readers says that this essay is "great" - I hope you will agree with him when you read the book! Speaking for myself, in bringing together all these facts and stories my admiration for Frida and Agnetha has only grown, if that were possible.

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Frida and Agnetha during ABBA - The Album sessions at Marcus Music Studio 1977.