Agnetha album cover star

Published February 24, 2012

I'm not sure if this has been noticed in the ABBA fan community, but Agnetha is one of many faces on the Sgt. Pepper-style sleeve for the latest album by Swedish rock band Eldkvarn (they performed Hasta Mañana on that ABBA tribute thing on Swedish TV ten years ago). Other faces with an ABBA connection include Benny's one-time song writing partner and Frida's duet and touring partner Lasse Berghagen; Frida's duet partner Mauro Scocco (of Ratata); and Ulf Lundell, for whom Agnetha contributed a harmony vocal on a 1978 recording.

The album is entitled De berömdas aveny (The Avenue Of The Famous) and was released in November last year.

Click here for a large picture of the sleeve.

De berömdas aveny by Eldkvarn.