ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions: it's got essays and features

Published March 01, 2017

Apart from all the facts and stories about ABBA's songs, the revised and expanded edition of ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions also contains a number of essays and features about various related subjects. For instance, as mentioned in a previous blog, there are five lengthy essays that will trace the making of an ABBA song from Björn and Benny writing the tune, over Agnetha and Frida recording the vocals, and then up to the mixing.

But there are also a number of mini-features on the recording studios most frequently used by ABBA; on the most important of the electronic keyboards Benny played; and, of course, on the session musicians who played on the majority of the recordings. For instance, there is a 4,000 word essay about ABBA's very own Polar Music Studio, the story of which is quite a bit more convoluted and intriguing than I was previously aware. Until Polar Studio's Lennart Östlund publishes his own book, my essay will probably be the most detailed account you will read about how this studio came to be and what happened to it.

Lots to learn and enjoy across the 448 pages of ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions, in other words!

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ABBA at work in Polar Music Studio. The story about the group's own studio is but one of many essays in the book.