ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions in five easy pieces

Published October 29, 2015

In the time that has elapsed since the revised and expanded edition of ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions was first announced, it's become easy to take for granted that everyone who might be interested in the book already knows all the facts about it. This is not necessarily the case, so for newcomers and others who are interested, here's the project summed up in five brief points.

1.  ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions was first published in 1994. The revised and expanded edition will reveal much more about ABBA's songs, and will also feature background stories about the record sleeves, vintage reviews of singles and albums - and more.

2.  The author is currently busy listening to unreleased tracks and alternate mixes that he didn't have the opportunity to hear for the original edition, meaning that there will be many new revelations about ABBA's music when the book is published.

3.  The author is also doing new interviews, as well researching books, radio and TV interviews, along with an indefinite number of vintage magazine and newspaper articles so as to dig up new and long-forgotten facts about ABBA's music.

4.  The new edition got off the ground thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign which ended in April 2015. 

5.  It's still possible to pre-order the book, and this is encouraged: every pre-order helps make the book better, and each pre-ordered copy will be signed with a personal dedication by the author. Pre-order here:

Thanks for reading!

ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions: revised and expanded edition scheduled for publication in 2016.