A message from someone who believed in ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions

Published December 15, 2016

In the darkness of the Stockholm winter, and in between posting Advent Calendar songs, we here at CMP headquarters are busy finishing ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions. While until very recently, research and interviews were still ongoing, 99% of that is over now, which means I can concentrate fully on the writing - and I'm loving it. To immerse oneself fully in a highly interesting subject like this is great and I'm still learning and discovering so much that I didn't know about ABBA's music, just through the process of putting all the pieces together.

Pre-order your personally signed copy of the book here: abbathecompleterecordingsessions.com

In today's blog I'd also like to link to someone else's blog, namely ABBA fan Robert Verbeek, who passed away recently. I didn't know Robert well, but he was always friendly to me and very supportive of my projects. He ran a popular ABBA website called ABBA Plaza, and at the time when I was kicking off the original crowdfunding campaign for ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions, he posted a nice blog about the book. Read it here.

Rest in peace, Robert.


ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions (revised and expanded edition). Projected publication date: March 31, 2017. English language. 448 pp. Hardback.