A little something from the archives

Published March 21, 2015

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The hard facts to be gleaned from studying recording sessions documents and listening to tapes are at the core of a book like this. And talking to those who were there at the time is also invaluable. But as I've mentioned elsewhere, you can also strike gold by going through rare and long-forgotten newspaper and magazine stories. In fact, I'd say it's essential, because just as the articles themselves may be long-forgotten, the information in them may also have been buried deep in the memories of those who were actually there. Sometimes there's nothing better than a written report.

The enclosed gem, which I came across in my archives the other day, comes from the New York Post of all places. I mean, knowing how comparatively low ABBA's stock was in the U.S., you wouldn't necessarily expect a mainstream tabloid to feature them at this late stage of their career. Also, I don't think the pictures from this photo session have been particularly widespread, so they were interesting from that perspective.

Recording session for The Visitors, May 1981.











I will be back with another archive gem from the archives in a future blog. In the meantime - enjoy!

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ABBA featured in the New York Post, May 21, 1981.