A Fantastic Voyage, but not like the one Raquel Welch enjoyed

Published November 04, 2021

Today and tomorrow every ABBA fan is on a Fantastic Voyage, thankfully without having to be like Raquel Welch and travel in a miniature submarine inside someone's body.

For my part I will be doing some media about the Voyage album tomorrow. Between 8 and 10 in the morning I will be at the BBC doing interviews for local radio stations, as I've done before. Here's the list as it looks right now, subject to change (note that some of these are pre-recordings for broadcast later in the day).

0815 KENT Live pres: Adam Dowling prod: Annabel Dry                                                   
0822 SOMERSET Live pres: CLAIRE prod: Jack Killah                                            
0830  JERSEY Live pres: Elisa prod: Ashlea Tracey                         
0838 LANCASHIRE Live pres: GRAHAM LIVER prod: Leanne Pilkington                                
0845 WILTSHIRE Live pres: Rachel Houghton prod: Richard Crowley                                  
0852  BERKSHIRE Live pres: Andrew Peach prod: Iona Hampson        
0900 SHEFFIELD Pre-recorded pres: PAULETTE EDWARDS prod: Alice Olusoga
0908 YORK Pre-recorded pres: jonathan cowap prod: Jane Bowes
0915 MANCHESTER Live pres: Emma Goswell prod: Lawrence Mann
0922 LINCOLNSHIRE Live pres: SEAN prod: Jess Lord
0930 DERBY Pre-recorded pres: Donna Alos prod: Caz Harby
0945 CUMBRIA Live pres: richard corrie prod: John Bowness

I will also appear on Sweden's TV4 tomorrow, mobile phone technology allowing. At circa 05:40pm (Swedish time) I will be on Efter fem.


Talking on radio and television about ABBA's new album.