1001 Albums 0065-0066

Published June 12, 2014

My continued journey through the albums featured in the book
1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die.

0065: The Monks: Black Monk Time (1966)

Oh dear. I've seen The Monks referenced a number of times as punk music pioneers - on the evidence of this well-recorded album, I have no reason to question that they were well before their time - and I believe I've heard one or two of their songs before. But I'm afraid this just isn't my thing - much too aggressive for my tastes: I feel my stress levels rising, and stress is something I don't need more of.

Verdict: 10 points for energy, liveliness and being forward-looking - 2 points for actual entertainment value.

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0066: The Kinks: Face To Face (1966)
An album I've already heard.

This is much, much more up my alley. Although 'Sunny Afternoon' is the only major hit here, the album offers a string of delights. I hadn't really heard The Kinks' albums until about a decade or so ago, making do with various compilations since I first bought The Golden Hour Of The Kinks on vinyl in the late Seventies. If I should pick one favourite track, apart from 'Sunny Afternoon', I'd go for 'Too Much On My Mind': Ray Davies' nonchalant lead vocals, lovely harmony singing, and lots and lots of harpsichord - what more could you possibly want from a mid-Sixties pop song?

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The Monks: Black Monk Time.


The Kinks: Face To Face.