1001 Albums 0059-0060

Published May 27, 2014

My continued journey through the albums featured in the book
1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die.

0059: The Who: My Generation (1965)

Much as I love British Sixties pop music, I have a tendency to avoid the earliest albums by classic bands such as The Rolling Stones, The Kinks and The Who: too many American R&B covers and underdeveloped original tunes performed by adenoidal vocalists, plus the production is usually not very interesting. So apart from the title track, I'd never actually heard The Who's debut album before. 

To some extent it did confirm my prejudices: despite the rush of energy that inhabits each and every track, there's very little here that truly interests me. Two exceptions: 'The Kids Are Alright' (I was surprised to realise that I don't recall hearing one of The Who's most famous songs in full before, but it's up there with their best singles), and the closing instrumental, the chaotic 'The Ox', which must have been a physical tour-de-force on the part of drummer Keith Moon.

Verdict: I'm glad I've heard this album and I even discovered a couple of new Who favourites.

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0060: The Beatles: Revolver (1966)
An album I've already heard.

When people ask me which is my favourite Beatles album, I usually answer Revolver. The musical development of The Beatles never ceases to amaze me. In March 1963, the band recorded the catchy Merseybeat ditty 'From Me To You' - a little over three years later, in April 1966, they began the Revolver sessions by recording the psychedelic one-chord drone of 'Tomorrow Never Knows'. Three years! Is it even possible to achieve that kind of development in three years today? Is there a major difference between records made in 2011 and those made in 2014? Probably not.

Anyway, Revolver has everything you could ask for from a Beatles album: happy songs, sad songs, introspective songs, soulful songs, satirical songs - there truly are no weak tunes here. Amazing.


The Who: My Generation.


The Beatles: Revolver.