1001 Albums 0055-0056

Published May 21, 2014

My continued journey through the albums featured in the book
1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die.

0055: The Beatles: Rubber Soul (1965)
An album I've already heard.

I guess it's a sign of a true fanatic when you remember exactly where and when you bought a certain record. I bought (well, my mother bought it for me) the Rubber Soul album in a record shop in the town of Linköping, where my grandmother lived, in 1974. So I've been living with the music on this album for 40 years.

For people who are less fanatical about the Beatles than I am, Rubber Soul is usually the earliest album in the Beatles' discography that they can get into. It certainly is one of their very best. Apart from the well-known tracks such as 'Norwegian Wood' and 'Michelle', there is so much more to discover: 'Drive My Car', 'Nowhere Man', 'You Won't See Me' - actually, I can't think of any truly weak tracks on this album.


0056: Bert Jansch: Bert Jansch (1965)

The late guitarist Bert Jansch was a highly influential musician, name-checked by many artists who received much greater commercial success than he ever did. This folky album, which features Jansch and his acoustic guitar - some tracks with vocals, some not - was more enjoyable than I'd expected. Both the singing and the guitar-playing is great, and I can certainly understand why Jansch is held in such high regard.

But being raised in the versatility-and-variation school of pop and rock music, a whole album's worth of someone playing the acoustic guitar and singing becomes a little too one-dimensional for me. However, I can see myself putting several of these tracks on a compilation with other folk music artists. Might just do that.

Verdict: I'm glad I've heard this album and I'd like to hear some of the tracks again.

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The Beatles: Rubber Soul.


Bert Jansch: Bert Jansch.