1001 Albums 0020-0021

Published September 05, 2012

My continued journey through the albums featured in the book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die.

0020 Ray Charles: The Genius Of Ray Charles (1959)

As with so many other artists in this blog so far, I've only ever owned compilation albums of Ray Charles. I must admit that before hearing this album I had no idea that he'd recorded so many standards during his time on the Atlantic label. The Genius Of Ray Charles features quite a few such numbers, including some really odd choices, such as 'Alexander's Ragtime Band'. I have to say that there's very little on this album that moves me in the way that classic soul numbers such as 'Lonely Avenue' or '(Night Time Is) The Right Time' do. So while this may be one of Ray Charles' best albums for some, again my 1994 compilation album The Best Of Ray Charles works better for me.

Verdict: An amazing performer, but not his most interesting recordings.

0021 Miles Davis: Kind Of Blue (1959)

The second Miles Davis album in the book is one of those LPs that is often referred to as unmissable, a true classic, and so on. I had never heard it until now, and it certainly is a great album within its field, although, again, I never felt, "wow, I've really got to buy this album!".

Verdict: Didn't disappoint, but nor did it excite me very much.


Ray Charles: The Genius Of Ray Charles.


Miles Davis: Kind Of Blue.