Waterloo Deluxe Edition - The Details

Published January 12, 2014


The Waterloo album was first released in Sweden in March 1974. Sessions for the album began in September 1973 and concluded in February 1974. This was the first album to be credited to ABBA, the name the group acquired the previous year (they were originally known as Björn & Benny, Agnetha & Anni-Frid).

Although this album still featured plenty of lead vocal performances from the male half of the group, it did mark a step forward for the group. Waterloo is perhaps ABBA's most eclectic album, taking in a variety of widely differing styles, from the raw glam-rock of 'Watch Out' and the jazz-funk of 'My Mama Said' to the European schlager of 'Hasta Mañana'. Of course, today it is mainly remembered for the full-out pop of the title track and 'Honey, Honey', which are more representative of ABBA as we think of them today.

The album was a major success in Sweden, where, by the end of the year, it had sold 250,000 copies - more than any other album up to that point. It also entered the Top Ten in a number of European countries.


The Deluxe Edition of the Waterloo album is the eighth release in the series of ABBA Deluxe Editions (the ninth if you count the 30th Anniversary Edition of Waterloo, released in 2004). The format is the same as for previous Deluxe Editions: one disc a CD of the original album plus bonus tracks, one disc a DVD of television material relevant to the period when the album was first released.

It's important to note that Waterloo Deluxe Edition is different from the 30th Anniversary Edition. The new edition features three additional bonus tracks (making up a total of eight bonus tracks), 13 DVD selections instead of four, and a sleeve gallery not featured on the 30th Anniversary Edition. The liner notes are also brand new and feature input from Björn and Benny.

The bonus selections on the CD are as follows: all the various versions of ‘Waterloo’ – the Swedish, French and German versions, as well as an alternate mix of the English version – plus the Swedish version of ‘Honey, Honey’; the remix of ‘Ring Ring’ that was first released on the American version of the Waterloo album; the single remix of ‘Ring Ring’ released as the follow-up to ‘Waterloo’ in the UK; and the Spanish version of ‘Hasta Mañana’.

To the best of my knowledge, the master tape for Waterloo (Alternate mix) is still not available in the tape archives, so the vinyl transfer used on the 2005 box set The Complete Studio Recordings is featured on Waterloo Deluxe Edition as well.

On the DVD we find 13 selections, out of which only three have been released on DVD before: the first performances of 'Waterloo' on Melodifestivalen (the Swedish selection) and the Eurovision Song Contest, respectively, and the interview with Frida and Stig Anderson. The remaining 10 selections are previously unreleased. As always, the performances where ABBA mime to the familiar, commercially released versions of songs, have been synchronised to stereo masters. All other performances feature the sound as originally broadcast.

A special feature on the Waterloo Deluxe Edition DVD is that I've tied the selections together to form a "mini-documentary", for want of a better description. It's nothing fancy, it's just a caption preceding each item to turn the viewing experience into something of a story.

Waterloo Deluxe Edition was co-ordinated by Mia Segolsson. The CD was mastered by Masters of Audio, the DVD was put together by Filmtech, Fredrik Hurtig designed the package, and Wouter Timmers helped us with the single and album sleeves. Ian Cole helped out with additional comments and suggestions, and, along with Paul Carter, was an invaluable sounding-board and proof-reader when I wrote my liner notes.

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