Waterloo Deluxe Edition

Published January 12, 2014 | MORE DETAILS »

The Waterloo album, originally released in March 1974, is now released as a Deluxe Edition. Issued to coincide with the 2014 celebrations of ABBA's 1974 victory in the Eurovision Song Contest, it may also be regarded as a 40th Anniversary Edition.

In line with previous ABBA Deluxe Editions, this package features one CD of the original album plus bonus tracks, along with a DVD of TV performances and reports related to the album.

The Waterloo Deluxe Edition is different from the 30th Anniversary Edition, released in 2004. The new edition features three additional bonus tracks (making up a total of eight bonus tracks), 13 DVD selections instead of four, and a sleeve gallery not featured on the 30th Anniversary Edition. The liner notes are also brand new and feature input from Björn and Benny.

For this Deluxe Edition, I researched the track listing and the memorabilia and wrote the liner notes.