The Visitors Deluxe Edition liner notes - preview

Published April 14, 2012

With a little over a week to go until the release of The Visitors Deluxe Edition, I thought I'd bang my own drum a little. We all know that the CD features the original album, appropriate bonus tracks plus the previously unreleased demo medley, while the DVD features television appearances and interviews from the 1981-1982 era. But, if I may be so bold, we shouldn't forget the contents of the booklet.

I think my essay for The Visitors is probably the most interesting so far in the Deluxe Edition series. This is mainly due to the extraordinary interviews that Björn and Benny gave me - Björn, especially, was really in his element and thought long and hard before he answered each question, elaborating on various subjects in a way that I've never really experienced before.

Just to give you a taste of what to expect from the liner notes, here are two quotes, one from each gentleman:

Björn on his lyrics for When All Is Said And Done: “It was something that had happened to people close to me, something that triggered the lyrics. It was the finality of it all: ‘when all is said and done’. The lyrics looked at a period in time, an era, and put a full stop to it. Because that’s really what they did. Neither for them, nor for me and Agnetha, was there ever a question of perhaps getting back together again – this was the end.”

Benny on ABBA's recording of The Day Before You Came: “We could possibly have done it differently. With Agnetha’s singing and the arrangement being what it was, it was as minimalist as it could possibly be. And in a way it’s all right as it is, because it has some kind of presence. The lyrics are really excellent, there’s a great idea behind them. If you just read them they’re not sad at all, but the message of the music is truly sad. And that’s what’s nice about it.”

So if you were thinking of skipping this release and just download the tracks from iTunes and watch the video material on Youtube, I urge you to reconsider and buy it for the liner notes. Not necessarily because of my prose, but because of the interesting insights from Björn and Benny.

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