Ring Ring Deluxe Edition

Published June 27, 2013 | MORE DETAILS »

The Ring Ring album, originally released in March 1973, is now released as a Deluxe Edition.

In line with previous ABBA Deluxe Editions, this package features one CD of the original album plus bonus tracks, along with a DVD of TV performances and reports related to the album, including previously unreleased clips of the group singing 'People Need Love' and 'Ring Ring' on Swedish and Austrian TV, respectively.

The CD features a whopping 13 bonus tracks, four of which are new to CD: the ultra-rare spoken-word promotion single 'En hälsning till våra parkarrangörer'; the original versions of 'I Saw It In The Mirror' and 'I Am Just A Girl' (both of which were Björn & Benny productions for other artists); and 'There's A Little Man', written and produced by Björn & Benny for singer Billy G-son and featuring Agnetha on backing vocals (her first appearance on a Björn & Benny recording).

For this Deluxe Edition, I researched the track listing and the memorabilia and wrote the liner notes.