Published April 06, 2010

"[This latest upgrading] is an entirely worthy exercise which sees the original, impeccable album ... expanded[.] But the main attraction here is a DVD, crammed with previously unissued and hard-to-find footage[.]"

Music Week (UK), October 7, 2006

"Arrival is not only ABBA's masterpiece, but also the best album ever recorded in Sweden." 5/5

Jan Gradvall, DI Weekend (Sweden), October 13, 2006

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"Some regard Arrival as the group's best album. You don't own it? Buy this double-disc edition and enjoy both pictures and music."

Nöjesmix (Sweden), October 25, 2006

"[Arrival] is a fresh and sprightly 30-year-old that again completely dazzles you with its musical strength. [...] Swedish pop music has not been as impeccably and succesfully crafted after Arrival. [...] The booklet is generous and tells you the complete story of the making of Arrival ... Story after story follows over 25 well-filled and enormously interesting pages. [...] The DVD is a real treat all the way through for both eyes and ears. [...] A more complete version of the timeless Arrival album is not to be found."

Jonathan Strandlund, Nya Wermlands-Tidningen (Sweden), November 3, 2006

"[Arrival Deluxe Edition] is a textbook example of how to package a reissue. [...] Once again, one is reminded of Arrival's qualities as one of the most consummate, well-produced and melodious ABBA albums[.]" 5/5

Ulf Gustavsson, Upsala Nya Tidning (Sweden), November 3, 2006

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"Featuring the immaculate 'Dancing Queen', Arrival marked the real beginning of Abba's imperious pop reign [...] the irresistible drama of 'Money, Money, Money' and then, with 'Knowing Me, Knowing You', the first signs of their mature heartache." 4/5

Stephen Troussé, Uncut (UK), December 2006

"Arrival is the first of ABBA's original album to be honoured by Universal Music's Deluxe Edition format - but hopefully not the last. [...] The DVD is a true treasure-trove for ABBA fans and contains several different television performances. The packaging and the booklet, with a long, readable essay, strengthens the high-class impression."

Clas Olson, Ny musikbransch (Sweden), December 2006

"[This] expanded edition - bolstered by the glittering 1976 single Fernando and an absorbing documentary - captures all the glory and innocence of ABBA's wonder years." 4/5

Paul Elliott, Q Magazine (UK), January 2007