ABBA-dabba-dooo!! - The making of a TV special

Published December 30, 2012 | MORE DETAILS »

The main attraction on the DVD included with Arrival Deluxe Edition is the 1976 television special ABBA-dabba-dooo!! The making of this programme is described in some detail in my liner notes. However, due to space restrictions I was forced to leave out quite a lot of interesting information, including large sections of my interview with producer Leonard Eek and reporter Per Falkman. Therefore, I decided to create this special section on my website, offering a more in-depth look at ABBA-dabba-dooo!! Click the links to the right to read the full story of the making of this landmark ABBA special.

Note: Bearing in mind that the ABBA-dabba-dooo!! special was made three decades ago, it is perhaps not so surprising that there are some conflicting information and memories regarding its conception and execution. The following is an attempt to piece together the story behind the programme as accurately as possible.

All interview quotes prefaced by an "LE:" or "PF:" have been taken from my own interview with Leonard Eek and Per Falkman on March 28, 2006.