Track listing and recording trivia

Published August 26, 2010

1. Lycka
2. Nånting är på väg
3. Kära gamla sol
4. Det där med kärlek
5. Välkommen in i gänget
6. Lilla du, lilla vän
7. Hej gamle man!
8. Liselott
9. Kalles visa
10. Ge oss en chans
11. Livet går sin gång


12. She’s My Kind Of Girl
13. Inga Theme
14. Det kan ingen doktor hjälpa
15. På bröllop
16. Tänk om jorden vore ung
17. Träskofolket
18. En karusell (Swedish version of Merry-Go-Round)
19. Att finnas till
20. Hey, Musikant (German version of Hej gamle man!)
21. Was die Liebe sagt (German version of Livet går sin gång)
22. Love Has Its Ways
23. Rock’n Roll Band (different mix than the ABBA version)
24. Merry-Go-Round (different mix than the ABBA version)
25. To Live With You (English version of Lycka)


The tune for this track was written by Japanese composer Koichi Morita, with lyrics by Björn and Benny. However, when the Lycka CD was put together it turned out that Björn and Benny were listed as the only writers of this song in Universal Music Publishing's database. So, for administrative reasons that are beyond anything I'm able to comprehend, the CD bears a credit to Björn and Benny only.


• The Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young album Déjà Vu must have been among the LPs Björn and Benny were into at the time of recording the Lycka album. Listen to the intro on 'Kalles visa' back to back with the intro on the Déjà Vu album's 'Carry On', and you will see what I mean...! Déjà Vu was released March 11, 1970; sessions for the Lycka album began three months later.

• Close listening to the Lycka CD bonus track Träskofolket will reveal someone clearing his throat at the start of the track - quite obviously, Björn and Benny were often in a hurry when these early recordings were mixed.


Lycka. Released May 22, 2006. Catalogue number: Polar 987 682-3. Out of print, but copies may be available.