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Published September 17, 2010

About this list

The following is a list of ABBA sites that I personally find useful and interesting, and which I recommend for those who want to get wise about ABBA on the Internet. However, it is not intended to be a comprehensive list of ABBA-related links: there are many more great sites out there, and you will find them all through the sites below. To access any of the sites in the list, just click on the name of the site or use the links to the right.

If you're looking for a ground-course in ABBA history...

ABBA - The Official Site
This is the official ABBA site - maintained by Universal Music - to which I am an intermittent contributor. ABBA - The Official Site is the ideal start for anyone who wants to get a ground course in the subject of ABBA.

Here you will find biographies about the group and its individual members, as well as profiles of many of the people who collaborated with them: managers, musicians, designers, etc (written by me). The Official Site also offers a comprehensive discography, and an array of Articles, some of which are merely press releases for recent products, while others are in-depth essays on interesting parts of ABBA's history (written by me). On the official site you will often read the first news about upcoming ABBA releases from Polar Music International/Universal Music.

ABBA Omnibus
The natural step after getting acquainted with the group on ABBA - The Official Site is to go to ABBA Omnibus. Hosted and maintained by Ian Cole in Australia, this is without a doubt one of the best ABBA sites around.

Ian Cole is not only one of the world's leading authorities on the subject of ABBA, but also a personal friend of mine. Since 1999, he has proof-read virtually every English-language ABBA-related text I have published: books, liner notes, essays, articles.

He maintains his own ABBA Omnibus site (as well as a site about The ABBA Phenomenon in Australia). On ABBA Omnibus there is an incredibly detailed song section, describing the history and variation of every song ever recorded or performed by ABBA. There is a detailed discography, with a myriad of variations of albums released over the years. ABBA Omnibus also offers an encyclopedia of ABBA-related people, places and organisations - and much more. Perhaps most importantly, ABBA Omnibus has the most comprehensive list of ABBA links available anywhere. Not only is it categorised, but Ian has rated and reviewed the best sites, making it incredibly easy to seek out the top ABBA places on the Internet in the "essential sites" section.

If you're looking for ABBA news...

At the time of writing, the Internet doesn't offer a comprehensive site for ABBA-related news (in English). With the expansion of social media, your best bet for keeping updated on ABBA news is to join one of the Facebook groups (such as ABBAtalk or ABBA Newsflash), although the posts there will of course not be news only. Apart from that, some websites do publish news, but only intermittently:

The Official International ABBA Fan Club
ABBA Intermezzo International Fan Club

The Official International ABBA Fan Club concentrates its news reporting to its Facebook and Twitter accounts, both of which are visible on their website's News page. ABBA Intermezzo International Fan Club also updates its site with news from time to time. More pertinently, both the official fan club, run by Helga van de Kar in The Netherlands, and Intermezzo, run by Regina Grafunder in Germany, also publish glossy quarterly fan magazines. These magazines feature neat round-ups of news in every issue, along with unique and interesting articles and interviews. Both of these magazines are essential resources - every serious ABBA fan should be a subscriber; it won't cost you an arm and a leg either. The Official International ABBA Fan Club also runs the ABBA Fan Club Shop.

icethe site on facebook

Dominic "Ice" Wallis runs the excellent Björn & Benny-focused icethesite, where news relating to the male half of ABBA usually take precedence. There is also a comprehensive archive of features, which will keep you busy for many hours. And don't miss Dominic's Facebook page, where he publishes all kinds of ABBA-related news.

ABBA Today
ABBA-Official News Blog
These sites report news, although only intermittently these days. At the time of writing (August 2016), the formerly very active and quite good ABBA Today hasn't published anything since March 2016, so I'm not sure if its owner has abandoned it.

If you're looking for facts and figures...

As mentioned above, Ian Cole's ABBA Omnibus site will lead you to a myriad of sites devoted to ABBA's history, individual members, discographies and anything you could ever imagine. Here are a few of my favourites.

ABBA - The Articles
Since starting the site in 2008, Michel in The Netherlands has scanned, translated and posted a mind-boggling 486 vintage articles (as of June 2012) from Dutch, Belgian and German magazines and newspapers. ABBA - The Articles is a godsend for those of us who command a more limited range of languages than Michel. We can now read stories and interviews we would never have had access to if it weren't for his efforts.

ABBA Fans Blog
Run by Alan Hogg in the UK, this site is updated on a daily basis, presenting various items from his collection, including both vintage and brand new articles and reviews, plus scans of various records, CDs etc. Alan also regularly highlights various ABBA anniversaries.

ABBA Charts
Maintained by Trent Nickson in Ireland. This is where you need to go if you're interested in ABBA's success on the charts over the years - and not just the obvious UK and US statistics, but everywhere from Argentina to Zimbabwe. This is a site that strives for factual accuracy, and achieving it through helpful contributors, ensuring that it is consistently revised and updated.

This excellent site, run by Sara Russell (neé Barnes) in the UK, has become one of the most popular ABBA sites. The goal is to list every single appearance by ABBA and the individual members on television, in promo clips and in movies. For each entry, you get the dates of filming and broadcast, information on songs performed and other fascinating details. Where possible, the entries are also illustrated with screen captures. Just like the ABBA Charts site, ABBA On TV is regularly revised and updated, partly thanks to contributions from enthusiastic and generous ABBA fans.

Rafaels and Stefans Pictures
This site is focused on picture galleries and historical features, but sometimes cover news stories (primarily Swedish news sources). One of the most valuable aspects of this site is that you can look up the ABBA story and get a chronological overview of what happened that year, the photo sessions that were conducted and so on. Lots to discover here.

Mikory's ABBA blog
This site has a fascinating archive of vintage ABBA-related pictures and articles (often Swedish articles, translated into English), but intermittently reports current news. It's not updated so often these days, but there's plenty to keep you interested in its archives.

ABBA For The Record
This is a comprehensive discography site with more information about track listings, catalogue numbers and sleeve variations than you could shake a stick at! It's worth mentioning that Ian Cole's ABBA Omnibus (see above) also has an excellent discography section.

If you want to share news, pictures, Youtube clips and opinions about ABBA...

There are many Facebook groups devoted to ABBA, its individual members and other aspects of the ABBA phenomenon. Many of them are truly wonderful resources for the ardent ABBA fan, with ABBAtalk, at the time of writing, being by far the largest.