ABBA - Absolute Image

Published November 30, 2012


We all remember ABBA for their amazing music and dozens of hits – but also for the way they presented themselves. ABBA’s “crazy” costumes have become symbols for the madness of Seventies fashion, while the visual consistency of the group’s album sleeves and their groundbreaking videos have helped strengthen the visual memory of the group.

This film puts the spotlight on a side of ABBA that hasn’t previously been depicted in a television documentary: their legendary costumes, their design concepts, their groundbreaking videos – in short, everything with a connection to the group’s visual presentation. Without ever losing touch with ABBA and their music, which is prominently featured in the film, ABBA – Absolute Image offers an entertaining journey through the fashion madness of the Seventies, the fun stories behind the group’s endearing music videos – and much more!

What was the inspiration behind the many “mad” and extreme costumes created by designer Owe Sandström in collaboration with the group? How did choreographer Graham Tainton work with Agnetha and Frida to create the dance steps that were imitated by millions of ABBA fans all over the planet? Which is the album sleeve designer Rune Söderqvist wishes he could do all over again, and how did the group react to his famous ABBA logo? How was director Lasse Hallström able to create visually exciting videos at a virtually non-existent budget?

These and many other questions will be answered with the aid of archive materials and brand new interviews with Sandström, Söderqvist and Hallström, as well as costume supervisor Ingmarie Halling; legendary fashion journalist Caroline Baker who puts the costumes in historical perspective; veteran sleeve designer Richard Evans who shares his praise and his scorn for ABBA’s album sleeves; glam rock musicians such as Andy Scott of The Sweet, and Suzi Quatro – and many others.

In this entertaining film, bursting with captivating behind-the-scenes stories, there will be plenty of ABBA music to soundtrack the fascinating story of the visual side of a pop group.