ABBA Gold - the details

Published April 13, 2010


Although a remastered DVD collection of ABBA's original promo clips - entitled The Definitive Collection - was released in 2002, only one year later a second compilation containing many of the same clips, ABBA Gold, was issued on DVD.

Why? In some parts of the world, unauthorised versions of ABBA Gold had been issued on DVD. Needless to say, these releases do not feature the upgraded versions of the promo clips. But it was still felt that an official, remastered ABBA Gold DVD should be issued to battle the inferior pirate releases. There was also the case of the ABBA Gold brand name as such. With the more than decade-long success of the CD, ABBA Gold has become such a strong identifier for ABBA and their music that many Universal Music offices around the world requested an international DVD release of that name.

The decision to release the new DVD was made in April 2003. I suggested that it might be a good idea to add the 25 minute documentary ABBA - The History as a bonus selection. This documentary, featuring interviews with Björn Ulvaeus and sound engineer Michael B. Tretow, is a rarely screened film put together in 1999 to promote the 25th Anniversary of ABBA's Eurovision Song Contest victory with Waterloo, as well as the world premiere of the Mamma Mia! musical. My friend Ian Cole pointed out that the 1992 version of the Dancing Queen video - based on the original clip, but interspersed with bits from other ABBA clips - might be another suitable bonus feature. Universal Music agreed, and ABBA - The History and Dancing Queen (1992 Version) were both added to the track listing.

Another point of interest with this release is that both Lay All Your Love On Me and I Have A Dream appear on an authorised DVD for the first time. To ensure the best quality possible for Lay All Your Love On Me - a collage video featuring scenes from other clips - this video has been reassembled from the remastered versions of the promo clips featured in the collage.

The ABBA Gold DVD - along with a VHS version that also features the bonus selections - was released in August 2003.

Note, September 17, 2011: The ABBA Gold CD/DVD Special Edition features the film clips on the stand-alone ABBA Gold DVD in remastered and improved form. However, the bonus selections are different.


ABBA Gold. Released August (Europe) and September (US and Australia) 2003. Catalogue number: Polar 980 755-7.