Thank You For The Music - The Making Of A Box Set, part 7 (of 8)

Published September 17, 2011


A 66 page booklet was produced for the Thank You For The Music box set, containing a biography by Billboard’s Fred Bronson, an essay on the Eurovision breakthrough by John Tobler (author of ABBA Gold - The Complete Story), a piece on ABBA’s videos by Polydor’s Dennis McNamara, track by track annotation by this writer, and comments from Michael Tretow on the ABBA Undeleted songs. Kathryn Courtney, at the time UK correspondent for the official fan club, contributed memorabilia, and costume designer Owe Sandström related a few stories regarding ABBA’s outfits.

Thank You For The Music (Polydor 523 472-2) was released in most of the world on October 31, 1994, with the US following on April 18, 1995. Track listing:

Disc 1
People Need Love
Another Town, Another Train
He Is Your Brother
Love Isn't Easy (But It Sure Is Hard Enough)
Ring Ring
Hasta Mañana
Honey Honey
Dance (While The Music Still Goes On)
So Long
I've Been Waiting For You
I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
Mamma Mia
Dancing Queen
That's Me
When I Kissed The Teacher
Money, Money, Money
Crazy World
My Love, My Life

Disc 2

Knowing Me, Knowing You
Happy Hawaii
The Name Of The Game
I Wonder (Departure) Live Version
Take A Chance On Me
Thank You For The Music
Summer Night City (full length version)
Does Your Mother Know
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)
I Have A Dream

Disc 3

The Winner Takes It All
Super Trouper
Lay All Your Love On Me
On And On And On
Our Last Summer
The Way Old Friends Do
The Visitors
One Of Us
Should I Laugh Or Cry
Head Over Heels
When All Is Said And Done
Like An Angel Passing Through My Room
The Day Before You Came
Under Attack

Disc 4

Put On Your White Sombrero
Dream World
Thank You For The Music (Doris Day Version)
Hej Gamle Man
Merry Go Round
Santa Rosa
She's My Kind Of Girl
Medley: Pick A Bale Of Cotton - On Top Of Old Smokey - Midnight Special
You Owe Me One
Slipping Through My Fingers/Me And I (Live)

ABBA Undeleted:

Summer Night City
Take A Chance On Me
Just A Notion
Rikky Rock ’n’ Roller
Burning My Bridges
Here Comes Rubie Jamie
Hamlet 3 Parts 1&2
Free As A Bumble Bee
Rubber Ball Man
Crying Over You
Just Like That
Givin' A Little Bit More

Waterloo (French/Swedish)
Ring Ring (Swedish/Spanish/German)
Honey Honey (Swedish)


A few comments on ABBA Undeleted: This medley of outtake snippets was put together by Michael Tretow. The studio chatter between the songs doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the songs preceding or following this dialogue: Michael’s aim was just to create a sound collage that would be interesting or amusing, and would give the listener a rough idea of what the atmosphere could be like when ABBA were working in the studio.

Here Comes Rubie Jamie is a slightly misleading title. It is true that Here Comes Rubie Jamie was a working title for this song, but the recording you hear in the medley had already progressed into its final version, Terra del Fuego. In the complete recording, the last line in the snippet, "There's only me who is dying to see", is followed by the chorus, beginning with the words "Terra del Fuego!"

I pointed out this error before the booklet was printed, but I got word back that Michael Tretow insisted that the title should read Here Comes Rubie Jamie. I suspect this was to protect Björn and Benny’s feelings. The song nearly didn’t make the medley at all because of their bad feelings about it (see Part 3 of this story), but Michael told me he wanted it on there just because he was amused by the fact that Benny had a lead vocal part. A compromise was reached when Michael promised not to include the chorus.

Another misleading title is Hamlet 3 Parts 1&2. To begin with, according to the session sheet, the first, instrumental part of the medley is in fact entitled Dr. Claus von Hamlet. It’s only the second part that is called Hamlet III. And yes, that’s right: Hamlet III — not "Hamlet 3" or "Hamlet 111", as the first editions of the booklet had it.

Part 8: Thank You For The Music enters the charts


Thank You For The Music. Released October 31, 1994; catalogue number: Polydor 523 472-2. Revised version released August 13, 2008; catalogue number: Polar 060251743234. Four discs. 66 page booklet with essays and discographical notes.