Thank You For The Music - The Making Of A Box Set, part 6 (of 8)

Published September 17, 2011


Eventually, a final track listing was agreed upon by all concerned. Agnetha and Frida were sent tapes to okay everything, and at least for Frida this proved to have a positive side-effect, as she got in touch with the ABBA legacy again. In the 1999 documentary The Winner Takes It All - The ABBA Story, she recalled: "There was a long period of time when I didn’t listen to ABBA or the music that we once had recorded. And then I got some cassettes sent to me where Michael Tretow, and Benny and Björn, had put together the music ... I remember playing those cassettes over and over again, and actually for the first time in so many years listening to Agnetha’s voice, my voice, the arrangement, the production and so forth. And that was a very happy moment."

Cassette preview of Thank You For The Music box set.
This is probably what the cassette tapes that Agnetha and Frida received looked like.

Perhaps the chance to get this convenient overview of ABBA’s music was also what triggered Agnetha’s reawakened interest in their music. "During a ten year period I neither played, sang nor listened to music," she reflected in her official biography, As I Am, published in 1996. "I didn’t even bother to get a decent stereo system. ... Although I did occasionally listen when good new stuff came along, it was as if I’d had too much of everything. ... Now, again, I feel that I can begin to enjoy both ABBA and some of my own things as well as other artists. I suddenly feel a desire to listen again. ... At the same time as interest in ABBA was rekindled around the world, I, too, began to get something out of the music again."

Part 7: The box set is released


Thank You For The Music. Released October 31, 1994; catalogue number: Polydor 523 472-2. Revised version released August 13, 2008; catalogue number: Polar 060251743234. Four discs. 66 page booklet with essays and discographical notes.