Thank You For The Music - The Making Of A Box Set

Published September 17, 2011

Read a detailed story about the making of the Thank You For The Music box set: how the idea was first broached, the discovery of the unreleased recordings, Björn and Benny's reluctance to include those rarities - and much more.

More details about the making of the box set and ABBA's recordings can be found in the Recordings FAQ.

Part 1: PolyGram buys the ABBA catalogue

Part 2: Discovering the unreleased tracks

Part 3: Listening to unreleased tracks with Björn, Benny and Michael

Part 4: The box set starts coming together

Part 5: ABBA Undeleted is born

Part 6: The box set helps Agnetha and Frida rediscover ABBA

Part 7: The box set is released

Part 8: Thank You For The Music enters the charts



Thank You For The Music. Released October 31, 1994; catalogue number: Polydor 523 472-2. Revised version released August 13, 2008; catalogue number: Polar 060251743234. Four discs. 66 page booklet with essays and discographical notes.