More ABBA Gold - the details

Published April 08, 2010

More ABBA Gold is a companion album that collects the numerous international hits that were not included on ABBA Gold, together with some single B-sides and album tracks. Perhaps most importantly, it also includes the previously unreleased track I Am The City, recorded in 1982.

Originally issued in 1993, More ABBA Gold has been reissued a couple of times, at which times I have supplied updated liner notes. The first reissue, in 1999, featured the original full-length versions of The Visitors and Lovelight, replacing the edits that appeared on the 1993 release. All tracks were remastered in 24-bit as well.

In 2008, More ABBA Gold was released again, featuring for the first time the correct ABBA logo as part of its design. Moreover, the booklet was completely revised and re-designed and the entire package was released in a so-called Super Jewel Box. I also updated and revised my liner notes for this edition.

This new 2008 version featured tracks remastered for the box set The Complete Studio Recordings (with additional tweaking in some cases). Most notably, a dropout in I Am The City - which had dogged all previous releases - was finally corrected.

In April 2014, a 3-disc 40th Anniversary Edition of ABBA Gold is released, featuring ABBA Gold, More ABBA Gold, and the brand new ABBA Golden B-sides.







More ABBA Gold. Originally released June 1, 1993. Super Jewel box edition released June 2, 2008. Catalogue number: Polar 060251724733.