ABBA Gold - the details

Published April 08, 2010

ABBA Gold was first released in 1992 and quickly became a success of astronomical proportions, selling around 15 million copies up until the spring of 1999. At that time, as part of the 25th Anniversary celebrations of ABBA's Eurovision Song Contest victory with Waterloo on April 6, 1974, PolyGram (now merged with Universal Music) decided to re-release ABBA Gold, in 24 bit remastered form.

In conjunction with the remastering, the shorter versions of Voulez-Vous and The Name Of The Game - which featured on the original edition of this compilation - were replaced by the full-length original single and album versions. I wrote new liner notes for both the international and the Australian versions of the revamped ABBA Gold.

Since then, ABBA Gold has been re-released twice: in 2002 and most recently in 2008. The 2002 version featured the remastered tracks from 1999, while the 2008 version featured tracks remastered for the box set The Complete Studio Recordings (with additional tweaking in some cases). I updated and revised my liner notes for both these editions.

The updated versions of ABBA Gold became big hits, even revisiting the number one spot on the charts in some countries. According to Universal Music, the current worldwide sales figure is more than 29 million copies (as of March 6, 2014).

The 2002 and 2008 re-issues of the album featured booklets completely redesigned by Fredrik Hurtig at In Fine Style (who did the ABBA Remasters in 2001, plus the Deluxe Editions of some of ABBA's studio albums). A couple of errors on the previous editions (spelling of song titles, songwriting credits etc.) were also corrected. Moreover, the 2008 reissue came in a so-called Super Jewel Box.

In 2010, a Special Edition of ABBA Gold was released, containing two discs: the original CD, remastered in 2008, and a DVD of the promo clips, remastered in 2010.

In April 2014, a 3-disc 40th Anniversary Edition of ABBA Gold is released, featuring ABBA Gold, More ABBA Gold, and the brand new ABBA Golden B-sides.

ABBA Gold. Originally released September 21, 1992. Super Jewel box edition released June 2, 2008. Catalogue number: Polar 060251724732.