ABBA Gold - CD/DVD Special Edition - More details

Published September 17, 2010


The following is the official press release I wrote on behalf of Polar Music International and Universal Music:

A brand new version of ABBA Gold on the way

ABBA's greatest hits album ABBA Gold, which to date has sold more than 28 million copies worldwide, will be re-released in a brand new CD+DVD package on December 6, 2010. Entitled ABBA Gold CD/DVD Special Edition, it features the latest remastered version of the album, while the DVD features newly remastered versions of all the video clips featured on the original DVD.

The DVD will also include bonus selections in the shape of "before-and-after" split-screen comparisons of five original film clips and the remastered versions of those clips. The new ABBA Gold DVD also features a recently discovered archive find: a cartoon version of 'Money, Money, Money', made circa 1977. This very rare clip of 'Money, Money, Money' was made by the Australian production company Reg Grundy's , but was only ever screened briefly during ABBA's heyday and has never been seen in complete form since.

The remastering of the ABBA Gold video clips has been made by Cutting Room in Stockholm, Sweden, taking full advantage of the progress in digital technology since the clips were last remastered in 2002. You have never seen them like this before!

ABBA Gold CD/DVD Special Edition also features a brand new essay on the album by Elisabeth Vincentelli, author of the books ABBA Gold and ABBA Treasures.

ABBA Gold CD/DVD Special Edition will be released in a so-called flip-tray with a slip case. The worldwide release date is December 6, 2010, although dates may vary from territory to territory.


The promo clips on ABBA Gold CD/DVD Special Edition have been remastered in the 16:9 format, as opposed to the normal 4:3 format. However, this does not mean that the aspect ratio of the picture has been compromised - on the contrary you get more picture for your money, since the 4:3 frame shaves off some of the original 16mm picture. On the new DVD, the picture takes up more space on the screen, with "black bars" on either side of the picture.

The picture tone in this remastering is a lot warmer than the previous remastering in 2002 - although at the time the clips looked a ton better than the old video transfers, I have to say they look even better now.

As for the handful of clips that were originally made on video, there was not a lot that could be done with them, but they have been remastered and cleaned up as much as possible.

As the ardent ABBA fan may already have guessed, the cartoon clip of 'Money, Money, Money' is the "brother" (or "sister", if you like) of the 'Happy Hawaii' cartoon included on Arrival - Deluxe Edition. We thought this clip was lost forever, but a while ago we managed to locate it in the archives. It's fun to watch and I'm personally delighted that this piece of camp fun is finally being made available to the general public. Note: The only available source for this clip is a rough cut on a video master (as indeed was also the case with 'Happy Hawaii'), which could not be cleaned up a whole lot.


ABBA Gold - Special Edition. International release date: December 6, 2010.