A Tribute - the details

Published April 12, 2010

During the last few years of the 1990s, long time ABBA fan Jeffrey de Hart was working at the US record label Relativity Records. For several years he had been pushing for an ABBA tribute album, to be released by the label's Repeat imprint. Finally, in conjunction with ABBA's 25th Anniversary, a collection of cover versions was released, featuring performances by artists such as The Real Group with Frida, Evan Dando of the Lemonheads, Bananarama, Ash, Erasure and Mike Love of The Beach Boys.

Jeffrey asked me to write the liner notes for the album. In my text I tried to tell the ABBA story from the perspective of the group's impact in America - or lack thereof - interweaving this with background info on the cover versions included on the album. It was an enjoyable challenge, and ABBA - A Tribute is one of my own favourites among the liner notes I have written.


ABBA - A Tribute, The 25th Anniversary Celebration (Relativity 1733-2) was released in the US on March 30, 1999.