Cadillac Madness or Benny's Road To ABBA?

Published April 01, 2010

There has been some confusion about the books, Cadillac Madness - den otroliga berättelsen om The Hep Stars ("Cadillac Madness - The Incredible Story Of The Hep Stars") and Benny's Road To ABBA. Many people are wondering if they are in fact one or the same book: the first simply in Swedish and the other one in English. Others have had the impression that they are two completely different books. Well, the truth lies somewhere in between. In an attempt to clear up some of the confusion, here follows a detailed comparison between the two titles - what you get in one, but not in the other. 



The language in this book is Swedish. It tells the complete story of The Hep Stars and its individual members, from their childhood days up until the break-up of the group in 1969. There is also an additional couple of pages that briefly describe what the members and some of the other main players in the story have been doing since then.

WHAT YOU DON'T GET IN THIS BOOK: The details about Benny's career between 1969 (the end of The Hep Stars) and 1972 (when the first ABBA song, People Need Love, was recorded).

The book is a colourful and lavishly illustrated volume, aiming to create a "Sixties teen idol" feel. There are plenty of pictures of the group and its individual members, magazine covers, bubblegum cards, posters, and so on.

WHAT YOU DON'T GET IN THIS BOOK: More and different pictures of Benny - even some of the Hep Stars pictures are different in Benny's Road To ABBA.

The discography gives all the track listings (just the list of songs, no other details) and shows all the different sleeve variations on every single and album that The Hep Stars released - in Sweden and abroad - between 1964 and 1972. The discography ends a few years after Svenne, Lotta and Benny left the group, when the then-current version of The Hep Stars finally called it a day.

WHAT YOU DON'T GET IN THIS BOOK: A detailed track-by-track description of each and every song The Hep Stars recorded and released between 1964 and 1969 (plus a handful of songs recorded during that period but released later), with composer credits, chart positions (in Sweden and elsewhere), background stories and additional information.

The book comes with a bonus CD, featuring four previously unreleased Hep Stars recordings made in 1966 and 1967. This CD is not available with Benny's Road To ABBA. Click here to read more about the bonus CD.



This English-language book tells the same basic story as Cadillac Madness. The bulk of the book is, essentially, the story of The Hep Stars. The main difference is that the story is extended to cover Benny's activities up until ABBA recorded their first single, People Need Love.

WHAT YOU DON'T GET IN THIS BOOK: Personal details and background stories that relate to the other five members of the band: Svenne, Lotta, Lelle, Chrille and Janne. For instance, the details about the romance between Svenne and Lotta - which caused such headlines in Sweden in the 1960s - is mentioned in the book, but it is not described in the same detail as in Cadillac Madness. Nor has the additional info about the Hep Stars members' activities since 1969 been included in Benny's Road To ABBA.

Benny's Road To ABBA is less lavishly illustrated than Cadillac Madness, although with an estimated 150 pictures - plus the single and album sleeves in the discography - no one is likely to be very disappointed.

WHAT YOU DON'T GET IN THIS BOOK: More and different pictures of Benny, with and without The Hep Stars. A slightly more colourful design.

The discography in Benny's Road To ABBA is focused on the actual music. It gives all the details about each track: composers, original titles, who originally had a hit with the song in question, background stories about the writing and recording of original material, chart positions in Sweden as well as other countries - and much more. The discography is illustrated with the sleeve of the actual single, album or CD discussed. Notably, this discography includes information about the many Hep Stars tracks featuring the line-up with Benny, that were only released long after the group's split in 1969 - this info is not available at all in Cadillac Madness. Finally, Benny's Road To ABBA also contains an overview of the Björn & Benny records issued in Sweden between 1970 and 1972. Click here to view excerpts of the discography in Benny's Road To ABBA.

WHAT YOU DON'T GET IN THIS BOOK: Illustrations and catalogue numbers for each and every Hep Stars record released all over the world between 1964 and 1971, including sleeve variations.

This book has no bonus CD. The four previously unreleased Hep Stars recordings are only available with the Cadillac Madness book.


Cadillac Madness - den otroliga berättelsen om The Hep Stars.
Benny's Road To ABBA.