Someday Someone

Published April 01, 2010

Someday Someone - Hep Stars CD single

 The CD single Someday Someone is a bonus item included with the book Cadillac Madness - den otroliga berättelsen om The Hep Stars. The CD contains four tracks, all of which are previously unreleased. This is the track listing:

Someday Someone (Band Version) 2.38
(Benny Andersson - Sven Hedlund)
Recorded at Philips Studio, Stockholm, August 31, 1966.

'Someday Someone' was recorded during sessions for the group's third album, simply entitled The Hep Stars. Two attempts were made, and this one is a full band version featuring bass, drums, guitar, organ, piano and vocals. A curiosity is Benny's piano playing in the choruses, which is very much in the style he would use during the ABBA years, but which was otherwise not very prominent during his time with The Hep Stars.

Rag Doll 2.56
(Bob Crewe - Bob Gaudio)
Recorded at Philips Studio, Stockholm, September 20, 1966.

This cover of The 4 Seasons' US number one hit was also recorded during sessions for the 1966 album The Hep Stars. Although the band had achieved their breakhtrough via cover versions, their ambition for this album was to have original material only, in as far as this was possible. After all, they had enjoyed major hits with the self-written 'Sunny Girl' and 'Wedding' earlier in the year. This may have been the reason why this recording of 'Rag Doll' was shelved.

Someday Someone (Spinet Version) 2.59
(Benny Andersson - Sven Hedlund)
Recorded at Philips Studio, Stockholm, August 31, 1966.

This second attempt at 'Someday Someone' features spinet and vocals only. It's likely that further overdubs were meant to be made later on, but sessions for the song were cancelled. However, the chorus of 'Someday Someone' was rescued and used in the song 'Like You Used To Do', recorded a few months later.

Massa's Mess 4.35
(Benny Andersson - Lennart Fernholm - Jan Frisk - Christer Pettersson)
Recorded at Europa Film Studio, November 9, 1967.

One could be forgiven for thinking that this track features a British psychedelic band who'd accidentally stumbled into a Swedish recording studio. Or perhaps it could be an early example of Swedish underground in the tradition of progressive bands such as International Harvester. But it is in fact a jam session by The Hep Stars, recorded during sessions for their 1967 Christmas album, Jul med Hep Stars. The title of the track, 'Massa's Mess', alludes to the group's nickname for manager Åke Gerhard, which was Massa. However, it is doubtful whether he would want to accept responsibility for this psychedelic ... well, mess!


Cadillac Madness - den otroliga berättelsen om The Hep Stars. Published by Premium Publishing, May 13, 2004. Swedish language. 416 pp. 24 x 17 cm. Hardback. ISBN: 91-89136-04-7.