Cadillac Madness - den otroliga berättelsen om The Hep Stars

Published September 01, 2009 | MORE DETAILS »

The Hep Stars were, without a doubt, Sweden's biggest pop band in the 1960s. Although their musical merits have been debated, the undisputed fact remains that no one sold as many records as they did, no other band created such fan hysteria, nor was there a bigger live concert draw.

But despite The Hep Stars' phenomenal impact - not to mention that this was where ABBA's Benny Andersson achieved his first bout of fame - a book was never written about them. Until 2004, on the occasion of the group's 40th Anniversary, when the biography Cadillac Madness - den otroliga berättelsen om The Hep Stars ("Cadillac Madness - the incredible story of The Hep Stars") was published.

The book project originated with long-time Hep Stars fan Dan-Eric Landén, who had been doing in-depth research into the group's story since the late 1990s. Eventually, in 2002, I was brought aboard to actually write the book.

In addition to the fascinating ups and downs of The Hep Stars' story, the book also features an illustrated international discography put together by Hep Stars collector Bo Gärds in collaboration with Premium Publishing's Roger Holegård.

Cadillac Madness was published in 2004 and at the same time an English-language adaptation of the story, entitled Benny's Road To ABBA, was also published.



Cadillac Madness - den otroliga berättelsen om The Hep Stars. Published by Premium Publishing, May 13, 2004. Swedish language. 416 pp. 24 x 17 cm. Hardback. ISBN: 91-89136-04-7.