Bright Lights Dark Shadows - The Real Story Of ABBA (revised and updated 2014 edition)

Published October 28, 2013 | MORE DETAILS »

If you want to read about how Bright Lights Dark Shadows - The Real Story of ABBA originally came to be written and published in 2000-2001, that background story is here. This page deals with the revised and updated edition, published in January 2014. Omnibus Press editor Chris Charlesworth now puts this book in the Top Five out of the circa 800 books he's commissioned and edited during his 33-year tenure with Omnibus Press.

January 30, 2014 saw the publication of a completely revised and updated edition of Bright Lights Dark Shadows - The Real Story Of ABBA.

This is not simply a matter of fine-tuning what was already there, or correcting the odd error here and there. I've spent four months going through the book, page by page, chapter by chapter, removing certain paragraphs, adding new information that's come to light since the book was first published in 2001, making use of research I've conducted over the past decade, adjusting the prose so that the book reads better, moving sections within each chapter (where needed) and sometimes even between chapters, updating the book with recent events, and, in general, tweaking and improving the text so that the book is as readable, as entertaining, as accurate and as up-to-date as a book about one of the major musical phenomena of the 20th Century deserves to be.



Bright Lights Dark Shadows - The Real Story Of ABBA. Revised and updated edition published by Omnibus Press, January 30, 2014. English language. 600 pp. Paperback. ISBN: 1783053593.