ABBA - The Story

Published August 22, 2009 | MORE DETAILS »

Back in 2001, when my English-language ABBA biography, Bright Lights Dark Shadows, was published, there was hope that it would be available in several different languages. For various reasons, except for German and Russian, this never happened. I found it especially annoying that we couldn't get the book published in Sweden - after all, it's ABBA's home-country as well as my own. That thought simply wouldn't leave me alone.

The solution was obvious: to go back to the drawing board and write a brand new ABBA biography, which would again tell the story of ABBA, but this time in Swedish. The new book, published in September 2008, was entitled ABBA - The Story: Berättelsen om supergruppen (The Story About The Super Group).

Naturally, the events of the 21st Century were covered in some detail in this new book, which of course was not the case with, for example, Bright Lights Dark Shadows. Furthermore, new information that had come to light about the ABBA years informed the Swedish book.

There were around 60 colour and black & white pictures in the book, covering the pre-ABBA days up until the present.

The Swedish edition is now out of print, but signed copies are still available from this site.

In addition to the Swedish edition, the book has been published in the following countries: Norway, Denmark, Finland, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Poland and Brazil.


Published in Sweden by Wahlström & Widstrand (published September 11, 2008; ISBN: 978-91-46-21921-7). 416 pages + 48 pages of pictures. Out of print.