Sources and Notes

Published March 26, 2017

The Acknowledgments section in the revised and expanded edition of ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions features the following text:

"Innumerable sources have been consulted in the writing of this book, the facts and interview quotes contained therein having been a great help in telling the story of how ABBA’s music was written and recorded. Because of space restrictions in the book, and in order to do all those different sources full justice, a complete list of books, newspapers, magazines, radio and television programmes, etc. is available in the ABBA – The Complete Recording Sessions section at The same section also contains a list of Notes, detailing the origin of all quotes."

I am currently working on those Sources and Notes and will try to have them ready soon. Thank you for your patience!



ABBA - The Complete Recording Sessions (revised and expanded edition). Published March 31, 2017. English language. 448 pp. Hardback. CMP Text. ISBN: 978-91-639-2656-3 (or 9789163926563).