ABBA - The Complete Guide To Their Music

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ABBA - The Complete Guide To Their Music, published in 2005, is part of a series of discographies published by Omnibus Press in Great Britain. The ABBA book aligns itself with the format used for the earlier titles in the series, the intention being to describe every track ever recorded and released by ABBA for the purpose of functioning as a consumer guide.

The book begins with a description of the eight studio albums, including the bonus tracks on the current CD versions, then moves on to the Spanish-language Gracias Por La Música/ABBA Oro releases and the ABBA Live album. After that follows a section on the most important compilations, followed by a chapter detailing significant tracks not covered in the previous chapters, such as certain foreign language versions of songs, rare edits and remixes that have never received an international CD release.

The book concludes with a review of the DVD releases (ABBA - The Movie is the only VHS mentioned, since that particular film hadn't been released on DVD when the book was published), and then finally brief overviews of the pre- and post-ABBA careers of the four individual members. The book comes with a title index at the end, for easy reference.

Although modest in size and scope, ABBA - The Complete Guide To Their Music contains quite a lot of detail on the group's work and should hopefully be a handy companion for the ardent admirer as well as the casual fan.

A German version of the book was published on March 20, 2007.


ABBA - The Complete Guide To Their Music. Published by Omnibus Press, late March 2005. English language. 126 pp. 18 x 11 cm. Paperback. ISBN: 1844495051. Out of print, though copies are still available. Try any of the links below.