ABBA - The Backstage Stories (2018 edition)

Published March 18, 2018 | MORE DETAILS »

Text revised and updated December 10, 2018.

The already quite complicated story of the 2014 book ABBA - The Backstage Stories - in terms of the variations of cover, title and languages - has gained further layers of complexity.

The Swedish version of the book has been published in a more basic edition. I co-wrote the original edition, and that material remains in the new version, but I haven't had any further involvement.

The 2018 edition is more like a "normal" book, without the slipcase. The envelopes containing various vintage documents are gone, but those documents are now presented on regular book pages instead. There are also a number of new pictures, plus a chapter about ABBA The Museum. Click here to view a few quick snaps of some of the new pages.

Signed copies are available here (signed by me).

A Russian edition of ABBA - The Backstage Stories was published by Eksmo in November 2018. However, this is based on the original 2014 edition of the book, and does not contain the vintage document facsimiles, neither as inserts nor as additional pages in the book.

The Russian version of this book is not freely available outside Russia, but interested readers may order copies straight from Dmitry Shipov, the head of the Russian ABBA fan club. Contact him by clicking here.

An English-language version of the 2018 edition will be published by Bonnier Fakta in Sweden. At the time of writing (November 30, 2018) it's unclear exactly when it will be available.

This page will be updated when I have more info.


ABBA - The Backstage Stories (2018 edition). Publication date: April 10, 2018. ISBN (Swedish edition): 9789174247978. ISBN (UK edition): 9781787390621.