ABBA - The Backstage Stories (2018 edition)

Published March 18, 2018 | MORE DETAILS »

Text revised and updated June 6, 2018.

The already quite complicated story of the 2014 book ABBA - The Backstage Stories - in terms of the variations of cover, title and languages - has gained further layers of complexity.

The Swedish version of the book has been  published in a more basic edition. I co-wrote the original edition, but haven't had any involvement in this new version.

The 2018 edition is more like a "normal" book, without the slipcase. The envelopes containing various vintage documents are gone, but those documents are now presented on regular book pages instead. There are also a number of new pictures, plus a chapter about ABBA The Museum. Click here to view a few quick snaps of some of the new pages.

Signed copies are available here (signed by me).

A Russian edition is also in the works, to be published by Exmo. The original 2014 edition of the book was not published in Russia, so this is a first. I know nothing about this edition, other than contracts have been signed and it's in the pipeline.

An English-language version of the 2018 edition was in the pipeline at one point, but ultimately the UK publisher, Carlton, decided against it.

This page will be updated when I have more info.


ABBA - The Backstage Stories (2018 edition). Publication date: April 10, 2018. ISBN (Swedish edition): 9789174247978. ISBN (UK edition): 9781787390621.